I just ate a frog.

Before you read on, no. I didn’t actually eat a frog. Well, at least not yet. In time perhaps. It’s on my bucket list after all, but in this instance, I did not eat any kind of amphibian.

When I say “ate a frog” I’m paraphrasing author Brian Tracey and her quote of Mark Twain who says that your worst or most feared task of the day is your metaphorical frog on a dinner plate and is what you should eat first to just get it out of the way.  My frog was starting a blog. (hey that rhymed!)

I’ve been putting off starting my own personal blog for ages upon ages now with no real excuse behind it at all. It just wasn’t a priority because other things kept coming up. At least that’s what I told myself but in honesty, it was because I was low-key scared to actually make it real.

But, on my current passage of – not ‘self-discovery’ as I don’t really like that phrase – but growth I suppose, I realised that keeping a personal blog of all the cool shit I’ve done and thought’s I’ve had would really help me get clarity, focus and drive into my life.  Something every millennial I’ve met seems to be lacking.

So ladies, gents and or whatever else you may identify as (it’s 2018, who am I to judge what you are), welcome to my extraordinarily average life where I hope to turn that phrase around to someday saying “welcome to my averagely extraordinary life.” Cause if I ever end up saying that, I know I’ve made it.

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